The whereabouts for Windows 10 wallpapers for the Desktop as well as the Lock Screen

Windows 10 uses impressive pictures for background wallpapers on the desktop as well as for on the lock Screen. Some of them are gorgeous and we love the new wallpaper that is default for Windows 10, May 2019, Update. If you’d like to know where to find these images so that you can make them wallpapers on other computers and devices, check out this article:

Where to find the background images that are used by Windows 10

Windows 10 uses a set of wallpapers that can be found on each device that it is installed on. When you launch your settings app, select the Personalization.

When you click background from the menu on your left side, the right-hand part of the screen allows you look at the images that are used as wallpapers for desktops in Windows 10, in the section below.

Click or tap Lock Screen in the left column and on the right-hand left side in the Settings window, you will see the images that Windows 10 uses in Windows 10 for the Lock Screen.

Let’s now see the best way to locate wallpapers that are in the disc.

The location of wallpapers utilized in Windows 10 for the desktop

The location of Windows 10 desktop wallpapers is “C:\Windows\Web”. Open File Explorer, go to the C drive Double-click on Windows after which click Web. There are many subfolders, including Screen, 4K as well as Wallpaper.

If you go to the 4K folder and its subfolders, there is the wallpaper that features the Windows logo in various dimensions and resolutions. This wallpaper is used by default on Windows 10 May 2019 Update or later versions.

If you browse to the Wallpaper subfolder You will find additional folders:

  • Flowers It includes the normal Windows 10 wallpapers with flowers. There are six wallpapers each with Full HD resolution or higher.
  • Windows It has the standard wallpaper, but with Windows 10 logo. Windows 10 logo.
  • Windows 10 – it comes with five wallpapers in different resolutions, with natural scenes.

If you’ve acquired you Windows 10 PC, laptop or other device from a manufacturer such as HP, Dell, Lenovo and others There is also an area created by the manufacturer, which includes their own wallpapers as default. For instance the laptop we have has an HP Backgrounds folder that has wallpapers designed by HP.

The wallpapers’ location that Windows 10 uses to create wallpapers Windows 10 for the Lock Screen

Windows 10’s Lock Screen wallpaper location is “C:\Windows\Web\Screen. ” There you find six wallpapers, all in Full HD resolution or higher.